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Enhanced document
management for civil

Efficient way to manage engineering documents

Database driven software for Civil Engineering document management

Save hours of manual work

Automated document handling

What is ADA?

ADA is the most advanced Database driven software
for Civil Engineering document management.
In ADA you can find:

  • Two way data transferring
  • Removing human errors in engineering process
  • Automated document list creating and management
  • Automated print settings and printing

Why ADA?

The engineering process has been and is inefficient.
ADA is here to make a change for that.

With ADA you can accelerate your work flow up to 95%.
On monthly basis you can save multiple days of manual work.

With ADA you can raise your productivity and billable hours.

To whom?

ADA has been created by Civil Engineers to Civil Engineers.
You can use ADA for example in these Civil Engineering disciplines:

  • Architecture
  • Geolocigal
  • Electricity
  • Structural
  • HVAC
  • Infra


ADA is not limited any specific softwares.
You can work with ADA if you have:

  • PC with Windows environment
  • Licence for application modules (e.g. AutoCAD)

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About Us is a Helsinki based company founded in 2018 for passion of better document management. We are highly focused on engineering solutions but please don’t hesitate to ask a specific solution for you.



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