Askel Design

Enhanced document
management for civil

Efficient way to manage engineering documents

Database driven software for Civil Engineering document management

Save hours of manual work

Automated document handling

ADA software for engineering

100% automated document workflow. 

No project limitations, no exceptions.

Our software is usable with most common engineering softwares like AutoCAD.

All-in-one solution

Centralized document management

No more lost revisions

In solution revision control

No more humane mistakes

Automated exception notification and repair

Editing in seconds

Mass edit the engineering documents

Connections to information management systems

API's to most used cloud based information management systems

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About Us is a Helsinki based company founded in 2018 for passion of better document management. We are highly focused on engineering solutions but please don’t hesitate to ask a specific solution for you.



Askel Development Oy

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+358 50 568 7185